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  • Annuities
  • Final Expense Whole Life
  • Dental/Vision Policies
  • Disability Plans
  • Guaranteed Issue Term & Whole Life
  • Indexed Universal Life
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Part D Rx Plans
  • Term Life (Simplified, Non-Medical, No Exam, and Fully-Underwritten)
  • Whole Life (Simplified, Non-Medical, No Exam, Fully-Underwritten, and Participating)

Yes!  All agents that work with us are non-captive and independent.  If you have an existing relationship with another company, that is strictly between you and that company.

All agents receive street level commissions and sometimes higher.  There are no promotion guidelines that agents need to meet to get promoted as they already are receiving top compensation.

Rivers National does not permit all agents to hire other agents.  If you are an experienced agent, you can apply through the Agency Plus or start a Ready to Go IMO.

There are no required fees to be an agent.  All paid programs, leads, and tools are 100% optional.

Rivers National agents are paid top tier compensation so that they have the ability to fund their businesses and pay for marketing.  Yes, we do have various leads and marketing programs, but they are at an additional cost and not free.

Rivers National does not pay for any agent pre-licensing education, licensing, or state appointment fees. We believe it is in the best interests of independent agents to cover these expenses themselves rather than be captive to a particular agency or company.

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