Royal Neighbors


Mobile Quoting

Final Expense:

  1. Simplified Issue Whole Life
  2. Graded Death Benefit Whole Life

These products are paper application or Voice application only…no E-app.

How Royal Neighbors Voice Signature application will work:
  1. The new POS Agent Worksheet (Form 2416-A) is designed to help you gather the information you will need during the Point-of-Sale application interview so that the call moves along effectively.
  2. You will need to have a copy of new Important Information Document (Form 141720-N). To save you time on the call, the client will need to receive and read this notice prior to initiating the interview. If they have not read it prior to the call, the interviewer will play a pre-recorded reading of these disclosures to the applicant, which will ultimately increase the length of the call.
  3. Once you have completed the worksheet with the applicant and your client has reviewed the Important Information Document, call (866) 281-9228 to initiate the application interview. The call will take about 25 minutes. At the end of this call in most cases, your client will be approved and the application issued the next business day!

Mortgage Protection:

Jet Term Life

Life Insurance:

Royal Neighbors offers several other Life Insurance products, here are a few

  1. Jet Whole Life and Jet Youth Whole Life
  2. Single Premium Whole Life: Royal Legacy Life
  3. SecureLife Universal Life
Phone: (800) 770-4561